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  Combination in C++


This is the C++ version of our combination application.


You need Epoc C++ SDK (see tools section).

 Source code

Below is the .cpp file.

For .dkg, .rkg, .mmp, .bat, .exe and README.TXT, please download the ZIP file.

// Combination.cpp
// Epoc
// C++ (EXE)

// Includes
#include <e32base.h>
#include <e32cons.h>

// Literal definitions
_LIT(KFormatFailed,"Failed: leave code=%d\n");
_LIT(KTxtPressAnyKey,"[Press any key]");

// Variables
LOCAL_D CConsoleBase* console;      // a new console object for our output

LOCAL_C int Factorial(int n)
    return (n <= 1) ? 1 : n*Factorial(n-1); // heh-heh... let's mix a ternary operator (?) and recursion...

LOCAL_C int Combination(int n, int p)
    return Factorial(n) / (Factorial(n - p) * Factorial(p));

LOCAL_C void Go()
    _LIT(KTxtTitle,"Combination > Epoc > C++ (EXE)\n");
    _LIT(KFormatFactorial2,"Factorial(%d) = %d\n");
    _LIT(KFormatCombination3,"Combination(%d,%d) = %d\n");


    console->Printf(KFormatFactorial2, 7, Factorial(7));
    console->Printf(KFormatFactorial2, 4, Factorial(4));
    console->Printf(KFormatFactorial2, 3, Factorial(3));

    console->Printf(KFormatCombination3, 7, 4, Combination(7, 4));


LOCAL_C void runApplication()       // initialize and do main task with cleanup stack
    CleanupStack::PushL(console);   // push console


    if (error)
        console->Printf(KFormatFailed, error);
        else console->Printf(KTxtOK);
    console->Getch();               // get and ignore character
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy();  // close console

GLDEF_C TInt E32Main()                          // main function called by E32, equivalent of C main()
    CTrapCleanup* cleanup=CTrapCleanup::New();  // get clean-up stack

    TRAPD(error,runApplication());              // init stack and do main task

    delete cleanup;                             // destroy clean-up stack

    return 0;


Notice that the overhead is rather tiny, compared with version for other platforms... Also, notice that Epoc provides the developer with a whole bunch of predefined symbols and macros (_LIT to define a literal, LOCAL_D for local data, LOCAL_C for local code...)

README.TXT provides useful information if you'd like to build the app, either for WINS (the PC-based emulator) or MARM (target processor on mobile device).

Again, the core functions are located at the beginning of the .cpp file: Factorial(), Combination() and Go(). The rest of the code prepares a clean stack, a console, invokes our Go() function, and cleans the stuff up.

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