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  Combination in Java


This is the Java version of our combination application.


You need Java 2 SDK to compile and test the app on a desktop and Jeode to run it on your device (see tools section).

 Source code

Below is the .java file.

For the .class and .bat files, please download the ZIP file.

Please note that the .bat file allows you to run the class on your desktop. To run the class on your device, use your desktop's file explorer and locate \Mobile Device\My Pocket PC\iPAQ File Store, make a Combination folder and copy combination.jar and combination (which is a .bat for Pocket PC, that defines the classpath and fires the class with 'n' and 'p' as arguments for the computation of factorial and combination). On your device, locate \iPAQ File Store\Combination and tap combination (the one whose size is about 130 bytes). Feel free to place the sample in any other folder, in which case you'll need to manually edit the combination file (before you copy it) and have the classpath (-cp arg) point to whichever folder you picked.

 * Combination.java
 * Java

package samples;

 * A sample that computes factorial(n) and combination(n,p)

public class Combination
    private int myN, myP;
    public Combination(int n, int p)
        myN = n;
        myP = p;

    public long factorial(int n)
        return (n <= 1) ? 1 : n*factorial(n-1); // he-he... let's mix a ternary operator (?) and recursion...
    public long combination(int n, int p)
        return factorial(n) / (factorial(n - p) * factorial(p));
    public void go()
        System.out.println("factorial(" + myN + ") = " + factorial(myN));
        System.out.println("factorial(" + myP + ") = " + factorial(myP));
        System.out.println("factorial(" + (myN-myP) + ") = " + factorial(myN-myP));
        System.out.println("combination(" + myN + "," + myP + ") = " + combination(myN, myP));

    public static void main(String[] args)
        if (args.length != 2)
            System.err.println("Usage: Combination n p");

        int argN = java.lang.Integer.parseInt(args[0]),
            argP = java.lang.Integer.parseInt(args[1]);

        Combination comb = new Combination(argN, argP);


This is basic Java stuff! But if portability is an issue for your apps, it's definitely a good choice. Code above should run as is on any platform that has a compliant Java virtual machine!

The core functions are located in factorial(), combination() and go().

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