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Version 1.3


PalmOS New Serial Manager contains a lot of useful yet tricky functions and data structures.

SerialCaller can help you diagnose or test serial communications, by giving you direct access to low-level calls of the API. Here's an overview of what you can do:

  • Browse the list of hardware ports that are available on your device or emulator
  • Get a detailed view of the internal structures of those ports
  • Open a port
  • Change low-level parameters such as baud, data bits, flow, parity, stop bits, timeout, loopback...
  • Send commands
  • Display incoming data
  • Check send and receive buffers
  • Flush send and receive buffers
  • Close a port

Whether you're a developer who wants to add serial capabilities to his app or you're a Palm geek, SerialCaller will hopefully help you check, configure, analyze, tweak and... enjoy the serial ports of your device or emulator.


SerialCaller in action

Main screen

SerialCaller ready to serve you


You sent "time" on port 0,
you received current time!

All the low-level parameters
you can mess with are here :)



Onboard user manual for your convenience


So you know what you're using


All you need is here.


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