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This page is for YOU :). Feel free to download those applications I developed for PalmOS.

Legal notice

Please read this section very carefully: if there are some terms of it you do not wish to accept, you may neither install nor use any of those applications on any platform of any kind.

  • All of the applications below were written by Eric Poncet and are his exclusive property;
  • Those applications shall only be used for ethical purposes;
  • Modification of any kind is not permitted;
  • Each application comes with a document containing specific legal terms, so make sure you read them carefully and agree with them before you install and/or use the related application;
  • Licensing policy is specific to each application and may change without notice: some applications are freeware, others are shareware and others commercial products;
  • Palm and HotSync are trademarks of Palm Computing, Inc.

List of applications

The NanoTools ®
Tools for demanding developers


Version 1.2
Apr 27, 2003

RePose is a tool for POSE.
RePose automagically detects when a PRC has been ReBuilt and ReInstalls it into POSE...

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Version 1.3
Aug 30, 2003

SerialCaller is a test and diagnostic tool for serial communications.
SerialCaller gives you access to low-level API...

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The NanoGames ®
Games for fun-loving players


Still in the labs :)



[ Copyright © 2000- Eric Poncet - All rights reserved ]

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